Ulysses Club Inc

Wagga Wagga Branch



Leader 25 March 2020

Ten Wagga Ulysseans went for a ride in weather that was great,
Two turned back at Culcairn and then there were eight.
Eight Wagga Ulysseans continued south till in Wodonga they did arrive,
Two turned back, one turned off, and then there were five,
Five Wagga Ulysseans enjoyed lunch as planned - finished by one o’clock,
Then headed for home via Chiltern, Howlong and The Rock.
All ten returned home safely having enjoyed the Autumn day.

That little ditty was composed by our resident poet, Lord Grauer.

What it meant was a day of everyone going every which way. Gerhard, Les, Pat, Gino, Sue,
Gary G, Oscar, Thommo, Mark and Don all departed from the Busy Bean in Gurwood Street at about 9:12 am, headed down through Mangoplah, Cookardinia and Morven to Culcairn where we all stopped to shake off the early morning coffees. It was here that Thommo and Oscar left us and travelled back to homebase through Walla Walla. The rest of the bunch motored on down to Wodonga where Pat and Don turned back toward home to honour some pre-arranged appointments, stopping for lunch at the Riverina Hotel in Holbrook. Mark went off on his own to Tallangatta to catch up with some rellies, while the rest carried on to Beechworth for lunch, fuel and a chat returning back through Chiltern, Howlong and the Rock. A great day out for all concerned in some special Autumn weather.

It was interesting at the Commercial Club on Saturday morning with all the areas to be occupied by customers having signs indicating the maximum number. Out on the deck total mass was 22 – we did not quite exceed the limit and enjoyed a nice drink, snack and some gossip.

On Sunday Gerhard led a ride to Batlow with Lesley on the back riding shotgun. It wasn’t a scheduled Sunday ride but we had a good showing all the same. John Webb, a new recruit working for the RAAF at Forest hill came in his Suzuki Jimmy and the Merry widows followed in their car (Irene, Gloria, Elaine and Anne) They are not all Widows but are very Merry. Les, Pat, Ian and Gerhard led the way on Bikes with big Trev fighting the corners on his Spyder. Our first stop was “Gone Barney’s” at Rosewood, and weren’t they glad to see us with the girls buying up big with souvenirs and other trinkets (Junk). After a cuppa there we motored on over to Batlow and settled into the RSL for lunch and the usual story telling sessions. After a nice spell at the Club we then rode on down to Wondalga, through to Adelong and home, making the front gate by 3:00pm.

Now I don’t know where this is all going to end but at this stage nothing is planned for the future so we will just have to wait and see. I won’t say ‘see you on the road’ I’ll just see you around somewhere.