Ulysses Club Inc

Wagga Wagga Branch



Leader 12 February 2020

On Tuesday of last week the Wagga Classic Motorcycle Club held a ride through the towns that had been ravaged by bushfires. The idea was to stop off and spend some money at each of the towns and villages to inject some funds into their economy, and what a great day it was. A total of about 20 riders and pillions left El Presidentos home at 7:45am and headed to Holbrook where some members had to stop off for a coffee having missed breakfast due to the early start. Having satisfied a rumbling belly we all trundled off to Jingellic and Walwa and then on to Corryong where we stopped for morning tea at one of the local cafes. Once again we filled those hungry torsos, had a chat to some of the locals and made for the hills and Tumbarumba. The ride to Tumbarumba took us through Tooma and the Southern Cloud lookout, past the Elliot Way and Paddy’s River Falls, arriving at just on 12 noon. First job there was to fill our bikes tanks with fuel and next up we all lobbed at the Tumbarumba Hotel for a counter lunch. We probably spent a good hour at the pub and then moved on to Batlow and Tumut. Some of the group took the Gocup road down to Gundagai and home while others went on through Adelong back to home camp. We were all back home by about 3:00pm after a great ride in great weather.

The Wednesday riders assembled at the usual Gurwood Street launching pad and took the back road toward Gundagai doing a right turn at Wantabadgery to the low level bridge and on to Tumblong. Trevor had to bail out at Tumblong due to problems with his Can Am Spyder and Oscar headed home from there as well. Don got as far as Adelong and he had to return home as well: I think his Indian struck a few arrows. The rest of the bunch, Les, Woody, Sue, Gino, Gary and Thommo took the Pine Leaf road across to Rosewood and had very respectable lunch at “Gone Barney’s” and with lunch out of the way headed home through Kyeamba and Gregadoo. They all beat the heat and hit home soil at about 2:30pm.

A great crowd of 20 graced the deck of the Commercial Club for Meet and Greet on Saturday and drifted off in dribs and drabs after coffee, cake and a chat.

The next Branch ride will be on Sunday 16th leaving from McDonalds Edward Street car Park at 9:00am. I can’t tell you where at this stage but just turn up at about 8:30am and all will be revealed. The ride conditions are very favourable at the moment so get the bike out of the shed, wipe off the dust and get going.
The next Branch meeting will be held on Tuesday 28th at the Radio Club Rooms at 7:30pm. Get there at about 7:00 and enjoy some fellowship before the meeting gets under way.

If you are going to the Rally in Lismore, today is your last chance to order merchandise, you have until 5:00pm tonight (Wednesday 12).

I was reading some club notes recently where there have been a couple of cases of riders suffering severe dehydration, which can be fatal, and the answer to prevent this happening is to drink plenty of water both before and during a ride. Coffee is not the fix.

Water makes up the largest component of the human body representing 45% to 70% of our body weight. For example, a 75 kg person would contain 45 litres of water, representing 60% of body weight. Any excessive change in the normal body water balance, such as fluid loss causing dehydration can be a serious outcome for the motorcyclist. We lose body water daily through normal tasks such as breathing, sweating, urinating and some medications for example. A reduction of only 1% can start to impair our body’s normal temperature regulation system and dehydration will kick in. So take care, ride safe.